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This is a digital download of a PDF version of this NH Record issue.


This issue contains the following articles:


  • The Due Family and Jack: Illuminating Black History in Hancock, New Hampshire
  • Dinah  Freeman  and  her  Family  of  Peterborough:  A  Free  Black Family in Early 19th-Century New Hampshire
  • Deaths of People of Color in Hanover, New Hampshire, 1779–1858
  • Listings  for  “Negroes”  and  “Indians”  in  Early  New  Hampshire Town Records
  • Abstracts  from  the  New  Hampshire  Gazette  (1756–1789):  Named Individuals  Referred  to  as  
    “Negroes”  or  “Mulattos”;  Sales  of People Referred to as “Negros” or “Mulattos”
  • New Hampshire Shipping Lists (1729–1769): Owners and Masters of Vessels Carrying “Negroes” and Enslaved People
  • Portsmouth Town Records: Vital Records for Individuals Identified as “Negroes,” “Blacks,” or “Persons of Colour”
  • A   Tradition   of   Service—African   American   Military Enlistments in Early New Hampshire

[PDF] NH Record Vol. 34 No. 2 (Spring 2022)

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