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  • 2016 Spring: Judy Russell (DNA/Court Records)

  • 2016 Fall: Pam Eagleson (Conflicting Evidence/Bibles/Grandma's Obituary Box)

  • 2017 Spring: Marian Pierre-Luis (House Histories/Brick Walls/Town Records)

  • 2017 Fall: Maureen Taylor (Dating, Preserving, and Organizing Photographs)

  • 2018 Spring Blaine Bettinger (DNA)

  • 2018 Fall: Michael Strauss (Military, Colonial/WWI/Civil War)

  • 2019 Fall: Janeen Bjork (Newspapers/Publishing family stories)

  • 2019 Spring: Sarah Galligan and Brian Burford (Held at NH Historical Society; included tour)

  • 2020 Spring:  Pandemic, no conference held

  • 2020 Fall: Jane Wilcox (Hearing Women's Voices)

  • 2021 Spring: Cyndi Ingle (Hidden Spaces and Earthly Places: Forging the Online Trail)

  • 2021 Fall: Josh Taylor (On the Road Again, Planning research trips; ArchiveGrid; Unusual Destinations)

  • 2022 Spring: Sara Cochran and Kelli Bergheimer (Organization)

  • 2022 Fall: Virginia Hansen, Tricia Peone, Milli Knudsen (County Farms, Convicts and Witches)

  • 2023 Spring: Erin Moulton and Nancy Loe (House history, Genealogy portals, Maps)

  • 2023 Fall: Katherine Aydelott, Robin Silva, Sam Collins (UNH and Portsmouth Athenaeum, Isles of Shoal)

  • 2024 Spring: Rebecca Koford, Kimberly Powell, and Sara Cochran (Death and Taxes)

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