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If you have had the pleasure of reading Brewster's Rambles About Portsmouth, Gathered Sketches from the Early History of New Hampshire and Vermont or Volume I of Historical Memoranda, you will certainly have a feel as to what is to be found in this follow-up to the 1900 volume published by John Scales, editor to the Dover Enquirer.


Transcribed and Edited by William Edgar Wentworth. With 500 pages, 50 of them as full name index, Volume II contains information that was not included in the first edition including expanded early family sketches of the period, town historical notes as well valuable information on early mills and other businesses. Index lists nearly 1400 surnames. Hardcover, cloth.


Note: We do not currently sell Volume 1, which was published in 1900. However, a scanned version can be accessed online at the Internet Archive.

Historical Memoranda Concerning Persons and Places in Old Dover, Vol. 2

  • Historical Memoranda Concerning Person and Places in Old Dover

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