New Hampshire Families in 1790
The goal of this project is to document the families living in New Hampshire at the time of the 1790 census. Those interested are encouraged to submit well-documented family sketches in the format of our sample sketch to To view the index from Vol. 1, click here.
N. H. Vital Records Volunteer Program

Thanks to our Volunteer Program, the New Hampshire Bureau of Vital Records research room is able to remain open to the public because we provide the research aides to staff the room.






The N.H. Vital Records Volunteer Program needs YOU! 
The New Hampshire Bureau of Vital Records depends on volunteers from the New Hampshire Society of Genealogists to keep its research room open to the public. In addition, the Society works with State officials to assure public access to records in accordance with New Hampshire statutes. 
This is an important program of the Society, and we invite you to join with us in this effort to maintain public access to the vital records in the research room at the N. H. Vital Records office. Contact us if you have some time available to volunteer in this program!

  • Provides public access to New Hampshire Vital Records

  • Provides opportunity to gain personal knowledge regarding resources at the Bureau of Vital Records

  • Provides opportunity to work with fellow Society members toward the goals of our organization

Additional information about NHSOG projects can be obtained by sending mail to New Hampshire Society of Genealogists, P. O. Box 2316, Concord, NH 03302-2316 or by sending an email to one of the Society's Officers, Directors, or Editors.